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About Me

Growing up, I enjoyed all types of art including painting, jewelry making, sewing, and ceramics—but most of all, I loved playing with makeup and hair. I remember doing my friends’ makeup in college before going out—and I always felt like getting ready was the most fun part of the night! After graduating from Providence College, I joined the working world but I didn't have the same creative outlet that I had before. 

I started doing bridal makeup during the summers I had off from teaching and while completing my graduate degree at Johns Hopkins University. Since leaving my day job, I’ve worked with hundreds of women in the Maryland and Virginia areas. I've found my niche in natural-soft glam makeup and clean-chic hairstyles so that you still feel like yourself, but enhanced!


I am so grateful that I get to help empower women to embrace their natural beauty on the inside and out. I can't wait to connect and help you cherish your wedding morning with friends and family!


My Values


I have a collaborative approach to hair and makeup. Getting beauty services done is a personal experience. It's important to me that my clients feel comfortable sharing their vision, coming to me with any desired changes, and trusting my professional feedback. Everyone has their preferences for hair and makeup. What I think looks good may not look good to you and vice versa. If you loved your makeup but want your lip color tweaked, just let me know (but in a nice way!). But also, if you loved your look, tell all your family and friends! I value your voice and autonomy. In the end, my goal is to listen to your needs and with my expertise, help you execute a look that you LOVE when you walk away from my chair. 


My friends and family know that I’m an open book and (maybe it’s a good or bad thing, but) this applies to my business as well. All information is available on my website and if it’s not, just ask me! I don’t have any “surprise” fees. I’m always available by text and email (preferred) to answer any questions you may have and support you in any way I can. Though I typically work Fridays-Sundays, and take off on Mondays, I always consider your time and try my best to respond as soon as I can. 


I do my best work when I'm calm, relaxed, and comfortable. When I'm working, I aim to create this type of atmosphere with my brides so they can fully cherish the experience with your friends and family. I want to make you as comfortable as possible and support you in any way I can. I have systems in place so that you enjoy your bridal preview with me leading up to the wedding. I was a recent former bride, so I get how stressful wedding planning can be. I'm here to help you enjoy your engagement and make the most of your beauty experience with friends and family!

Holistic Beauty

Booking makeup and hair with me is more than just that. My comprehensive Bridal Beauty Guide, exclusive to brides, explains all things wedding beauty. I cover a variety of topics (e.g. superfoods and anti-bloat foods, internal and external hydration to achieve glowy skin, and setting the tone / planning a stress-free wedding morning) to help you make the most of your beauty services. I want you to feel beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

I strive to be the hair and makeup artist that all women can rely on to deliver a look that enhances their true beauty.
elegant and classy hair and makeup

I'm a big fan of: 

signature hair and makeup
  • Memorable experiences. Looking back, my favorite experiences in life have always been with my friends and family. Going to spas with my sisters, eating my mom's home-cooked meals, long-drives with my brother, sharing stories with my aunts and grandparents-- are all things I love reminiscing on. If you value these experiences too, I know we'll get along.

  • Clean lifestyles. I'm not a fan of harsh chemicals on your face. I've tested each item in my kit and try my best to commit to being EWG-friendly, ensuring only the highest-quality products for your makeup application. My bridal beauty skin tips are focused on what you consume internally and externally. 

  • Positive self-talk. I admit, I'm a culprit of frequently doubting myself and need to be better about this. BUT, I'm a big believer that what you think/feel is what you exude.

  • Enhanced makeup. We all have at least one physical thing we don't like about ourselves. I believe that makeup is a tool we can use to enhance our favorite features--and I can help you do that!

  • Dresses, wide-legged pants, basic t-shirts. I'm into pieces that can stay in my closet for the long-haul, like my staple earring studs, gold necklace, loose midi-dresses, cotton t-shirt, etc. ... buuut, my guilty pleasure is athleisure.  


I'm a New England native enjoying life with my husband in Canton, Baltimore. In my free time, I love going to the beach, reading romance/fantasy/thriller novels, jogging, finding the best vegan and vegetarian eats (my husband is vegan and I would say I'm a flexitarian lol), and taking yoga classes. 

On my off days, you can find me going on long walks, visiting the library, playing pickleball, or making jewelry. 

My siblings are my best friends, and they are located in Boston and Connecticut-- so I'm always looking for excuses to visit them (cough, cough... in case you're getting married in New England)! 

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