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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Hair and Makeup Touch Ups

Hey there! I'm Olivia Lo and I'm an Asian bridal hair and makeup artist in the DC, Maryland, Virginia, (DMV), and Connecticut areas helping modern brides look and feel their best on their special day. Thanks for visiting my page! The topic of touch ups is a frequent question that my brides bring up during our discovery call and in the post-booking process. So I thought what better way than to address it here! Keep reading to learn all about touch ups and whether or not you'll need it for your wedding day.

What are touch ups?

Concierge touch ups is an additional beauty service that brides can request at the time of booking to make sure their wedding makeup and hair lasts as long as possible. Weddings are packed with lots of activities, movement, emotions, and sometimes-- weather changes. With touch ups, if tears are expected, I'll be there to catch your tears so that your makeup remains intact. If it's a windy day, I'll have extra bobby pins and a spray to manage those stubborn flyaways. The primary purpose of this service is to ensure peace of mind for you, the bride, so that you look and feel your best on your special day!

Who benefits from bridal touch ups the most?

Upon booking, my brides receive my detailed, 16-page, Bridal Beauty Guide which shares all things wedding beauty related. By following my long-lasting makeup tips from my Bridal Beauty Guide, my bridal makeup application techniques should help make the look last until the end of the night. Not everyone needs touch ups, however the brides who will benefit from this service the most are:

  • Outdoor Wedding Brides: Wind, humidity, heat, and even unexpected rain can all impact the bride’s hair and makeup look. These conditions cause us to touch our face more often, move hair away, or sweat, which can impact the look of the makeup. Touch ups will help minimize beauty issues and make sure the look remains as close as possible to when the bride's hair and makeup was first finished.

  • Brides with Specific Skin or Hair Needs: Brides with sensitive skin, oily skin, or hair that tends to frizz easily can benefit significantly from concierge touch-ups. The artist can help manage these specific issues throughout the day, to minimize makeup removal and hair frizz.

  • Brides with Multiple Outfit Changes: Some brides choose to change outfits between the ceremony and reception or even during the reception. They might want adjustments to the hair and makeup to match their new look.

  • Brides Who Are Likely to Cry: Weddings are emotional events, and many brides expect to shed tears of joy throughout the day. Crying can cause makeup and foundation to streak. Additionally, wiping your tear with a tissue may accidentally wipe off your makeup. Touch-ups ensures that any signs of happy tears are quickly and effectively managed!

Summary: How to decide if touch ups are for you?

providing hair and makeup touch ups

Touch ups can be booked as a per hour service 45 minutes after the last finished beauty service. Some brides book touch ups for photos only. This is especially smart if photos will be taking place outside in the summer heat. Some decide to book touch ups until the reception if they would like a second look or hair change. In the end, it's completely up to you and deciding whether or not to get touch ups should be based around your comfort and having peace of mind.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing to get touch ups:

  • Evaluate Your Venue: Outdoor weddings are more susceptible to weather conditions that can affect your hair and makeup. If you're getting married outside, touch-ups might be essential.

  • Think About Your Activities: High-energy receptions with lots of dancing or multiple outfit changes can take a toll on your appearance. If you're planning an active day, touch-ups can keep you looking fresh.

  • Emotional Moments: If you anticipate crying tears of joy, touch-ups can help manage any makeup mishaps caused by emotional moments.

  • Personal Preferences: Brides who are detail-oriented or have specific concerns about their appearance -may find the peace of mind provided by touch-ups invaluable.

  • Special Skin or Hair Needs: If you have sensitive or oily skin, or hair that tends to frizz, concierge touch-ups can address these issues as they arise.

I hope this helped clarify any questions you might have had about touch ups! If you have any questions at all, I'd be happy to answer them. Navigate to my Inquiry page and let's get chatting!




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