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Bridal Getting Ready Outfits I Would Choose for My Summer Wedding

As a recent bride and Washington DC bridal hair and makeup artist, I understand how exhausting you (the bride) might be with wedding planning. Thinking back to my own wedding, I remember feeling so overwhelmed with all the outfits I had to pick out for various events. To be honest, shopping isn't my favorite activity, and I get so much decision fatigue from all the shops, brands, lines, etc., choices out there. I don't shop for clothes often, and I typically stick to my tried and true stores but will branch out for shops that have a greener mission, support sustainability, or work with clean fabrics.

By the time my wedding came around, I had picked out and bought pajamas (from Piyama -- which were amazinggg quality) for my bridal party, but I still had no idea what I would wear. In the end and out of a panic, I wore a PJ set that was gifted to me at one of my bridal showers. A personal shopper or a bridal stylist would have been ideal (lol), but at 25 and after having just finished my master's degree, I really wasn't looking to splurge more on myself-- and was happier spending my money on items/activities that my guests would enjoy.

So with that-- I thought I'd put together some outfits/PJs/robes that you can visit and bookmark if you like! None of these are sponsored -- they're just looks that I love and would've probably picked out for myself. I curated various styles so that you have choice based on who you are getting ready with and where (hotel, bnb, at home, etc.) you'll be doing your hair and makeup.

Piyama Giselle Sleep Set

This set is probably the one I would've chosen for myself based on the location of my wedding and my normal, everyday style. My wedding was at a charming and historic inn with the cutest courtyard and a restaurant on site. I went with a floral/gardenesque aesthetic, so these PJs would have been the perfect fit, especially with my July wedding.

Eberjay Gisele TENCEL™ Modal Rib Relaxed PJ Set

Literally the most classic PJ set ever with a textured, ribbed material for something a little different! For the bride who can't decide and just wants something timeless and chic, yet modern. I included the long PJ set for brides getting married in chilly months! These PJs tend to run small, so I would suggest sizing up!

For the fun and flirty bride looking for. aPJ set that is easy to move around but still flattering and feminine. a linen material that's relaxed and super comfy! I love this set because it is such a timeless piece that can be re-worn on your honeymoon, at home, while running errands, dinner out with friends, etc.

For the relaxed bride with a coastal wedding or nautical aesthetic. I can picture this being worn by a bride getting married on the Eastern Shore, or in Newport, or Cape Cod.

This robe belongs to the bride with a romantic and feminine aesthetic. They're looking forward to a wedding morning filled with relaxation, tranquility, and love.

Okay this one might not be something I would wear, but I wanted to include it for the IT girl bride looking for a luxurious morning being pampered with her besties! This PJ set literally screams queen lol.

Hope this helped! Visit my website for more information about bridal beauty and preparing for your wedding morning!

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