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Values-Focused Wedding Hair and Makeup in Baltimore, Maryland

Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting my site. I hope you'll be able to take a few things away about what makes me different from a typical hair and makeup artist.

Living a values-focused lifestyle is so important to me because it helps truly helps ground me. Values are ingrained in how I go about my everyday life, how I view my friends and family, and how I treat you, my client, throughout the hair and makeup experience from the time of inquiry and booking to the bridal preview and wedding day.

Keep reading to learn more about which lifestyle values I carry over into my Baltimore, Maryland wedding hair and makeup business!

Makeup artist working at a wedding


I’m a professional hair and makeup artist in Baltimore, Maryland serving Washington D.C., the DMV, and New England. I specialize in classic, timeless, natural and soft glam hair and makeup, ensuring that you are photo-ready all day and night. I’m passionate about inclusivity and strive to perfect my work with all skin-tones, multicultural brides, and Asian women. My luxury beauty services are catered to brides who practice self-love, invest in their health, and appreciate my values.



My friends and family know I’m an open book and (maybe it’s a good or bad thing, but) this applies to my business as well. All information is available on my website and if it’s not, just ask me! I don’t have any “surprise” fees. I’m always available by text and email to answer any questions you may have and support you in any way I can.


Everyone has their preferences for hair and makeup. What I think looks good may not look good to you and vice versa. If you loved your makeup but want your lip color tweaked, just let me know (but in a nice way!). But also, if you loved your look, tell all your family and friends! I want you to feel comfortable coming to me with whatever is on your mind. In the end, I want you to exude confidence and love your look!

Holistic Beauty

Booking makeup and hair with me is more than just that. This Bridal Beauty Guide, exclusive to my brides only, explains all things wedding beauty. I cover a variety of topics (e.g. superfoods and anti-bloat foods, internal and external hydration to achieve glowy skin, and setting the tone / planning a stress-free wedding morning to help you make the most of your investment. I want you to feel beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.


Throughout my twenties, I’ve learned the importance of leisure and relaxation, and I make sure to incorporate this into my life. I know you’re taking time out of your busy life to collaborate with me, so I want to make you as comfortable as possible and support you in any way that I can. I was a recent former bride, so I get how stressful wedding planning can be. I’m here to help you enjoy your engagement and live in the moment on your special day.


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